Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guess who I met this month?????


Laird Hamilton!!! Yes, the surfing gawd...the one who rides big waves. The one who popularized stand-up paddleboarding. Him. He and Dave Kalama were in Seattle for a lecture and then paddleboard demo. I went to the lecture. I skipped the paddleboarding for the obvious reason that I have no sense of balance. Anyway, I was riveted as he and Dave Kalama talked about surfing and paddleboarding. Then I stood in line for an hour to get his autograph. This is what single, middle-aged women do on Friday nights. Well, maybe just me and the girl in front of me. But she probably wasn't in her 40s.
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Kobash said...

Cool!! BTW, you are looking great Suzy!!

suzan said...

It was sooo cool to meet Laird Hamilton! Made me want to surf. Kinda. Well, made me want to go to the beach.