Friday, March 31, 2006


On Tuesday (3/28)Mayumi and the kids (Ryuka and Miku) took me shopping to Mori Town, near the base. Here's a picture of Ryuka as we're shopping in Mori Town. Mori Town is made up of two shopping complexes with tons of stuff I wanted to buy, but couldn't afford. The coolest thing though, was the parking. You have to pay for parking. After getting a parking stub, you get it validated at a store you purchase from. You take the stub back outside to the parking garage where you insert it into a machine. You don't get the ticket back. You then get in your car and leave. When you get to the exit gate, it automatically lifts if you have paid. Mayumi thinks that there is a camera which takes a picture of your car when you enter. The parkings stub is assigned to your car, and when you insert the stub into the machine, it matches it with the car license plate. When you leave, the camera matches the car to the paid ticket and then lifts the gate. Weird, huh?

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