Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My day on the lake


A friend invited me to go boating on Friday to catch the Seafair Festivities which included the Blue Angels and a bit of the hydroplane test runs. Why not? I love the water, although I'm a terrible swimmer. Anyway, I packed a lunch and off I went. I thought it'd end up being a 3 hour cruise (a 3 hour cruise...the weather started getting rough...) Back to my story. We left Lake Union and headed over to the Montlake Cut with all the other boaters and then on to Lake Washington. By the time we got to the I-90 end of the bridge, the show was about to get under way. It was great to see the Blue Angels on the water. I loved it. After the show, we headed over to the east side of the lake to just float. Too bad it wasn't warm enough to swim, but it was still a ton of fun. The water was rough...lots of rocking and rolling, and I did hold it together fairly well. No tossing-of-my-cookies overboard so that was good. After an hour or so, we headed back to the south end of the lake to take a look at the hydroplanes. Dang...they go fast. I was convinced at this point that I am no daredevil. Just a nice steady pace for me and I'm fine. But there's more to the story. Read on.
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